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 Welcome to HSProducers HQ - Please read

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PostSubject: Welcome to HSProducers HQ - Please read   Mon Sep 24, 2012 2:24 am

Welcome to HS Producers Headquarters! What a Face

This is a forum for hardstyle music producers who already have a few years experience in the genre.

The type of hardstyle which is emphasized by this forum is the 2006 - 2009 period.
For fans of labels such as Fusion, Superplastik, Scantraxx, Next Chapter, Hardcopy and Sys-X.

I will be posting some tracks to start the forum in the Hardstyle Releases\Upcoming section, If you hate these tracks then i'm not sure if the forum is for you bom

We are always open to producers who post original and creative work.
To ensure that you you can stay as a member of this board, there are some rules that you must adhere to.

Below is a list of things which are not allowed on this forum.

:: Warez
:: Trolls
:: Spam
:: Insults
:: Nudity\Pornographic material

Undesired activities:
- Giving false advice
- Posting made up facts
- Making pointless topics
- Utilizing the site in a malicious way (aka spamming, scamming, trolling, hacking, etc.)
- Stealing another persons work

Forum policy:
- The language used on the forum is English
- It is important that you follow the rules of this forum, If you refuse to stick by the rules, you may be banned

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Welcome to HSProducers HQ - Please read
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